About the book

stack of absurd hardnessDo you have a mythical creature living in your head?  Does it look like you are off to prison because you cleared your bowels in your neighbors garden?  Is your child a vampire?  Do you want to be a dog? Are you unable to stop sweating to the point that you will evaporate?  If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions then my book is for you.

During her more sane days, Zelda Halopile spent time as an agony aunt working for many years in a call center in the middle of Belfast.  Whilst working in that shit hole she wrote articles for an internal magazine, where she dealt with the sorts of things that were mentioned at the start of this page.

The pages of absurdnessEach week she was flooded with emails, letters and pieces of toilet tissue, inscribed with shitty blood, of issues that were affecting members of staff (Medusa causing a ruckus, Alien abduction, A man forming a relationship with a photocopier etc) and she would then publish them for the whole place to see.

She had written hundreds of pages of support and magical advice and decided that it was high time the people outside of the call center got to bask in it’s supporty magicalnessity.  And by people, we mean YOU